Look no further if you need someone who understands how to create entertaining and educational content…


I’m a writer and a teacher who loves (I’d write that all in caps, but that’d be rude) to educate others on important topics. So much so that I’d do whatever it takes (within reason of course, nothing illegal here) to help make sure that others who are passionate about sharing the same message gets the attention they deserve.

Yeah, you get awesome writing when you work with me, but I’m so much more than that:

1. You get my knowledge on finance and education: I’ve taught for more than 8 years, and being around little kids all day long (they’re really fun!) has shown me what works and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching and creating relevant teaching materials.  I know what it takes to show other teachers (I’ve mentored quite a few) exactly what they need to succeed. In fact, I’ve helped to create educational blogs and textbook supplements, including practice PRAXIS tests and curriculum writing.

As for finance, you not only get my knowledge, but the numerous people I come into contact with that are experts in the field. I’ve been known to translate finance heavy lingo (particularly anything to do with trading) into something that anyone can understand. Money can be a boring topic, but everyone deserves the to know how to treat their money right.

My works have been featured on some pretty awesome sites including Lifehacker, Brazen Careerist, Chicago Tribune, AOL Jobs, Pearson, and FluentU (a language study app with hundreds of thousands of users).

2. You get the results you want 

I’m going to be honest here: I ask a lot of questions. I promise it’s not to be annoying, but to make sure that we both get to the core of what your goals are and how I can best help you. Once we make sure we’re on the same page, I will not take your trust for granted. I work hard and ensure that all deadlines are adhered to, and that you only get the best quality work from me. I am only satisfied until you’re happy.

3. You get an awesome team member

All my clients have told me I’m easy to work with. Really. Not only that, but I’m good at cracking jokes (I’m quite punny), hearing about your day, and probably talking your ear off about the latest finance news or a cool new education app I’ve been playing all day (shhhhhhhhhhh….don’t tell).

I’d be honored if  you’d let me be part of your team.


 Contact me today and let’s see how I can help.