There’s so much marketing writing to do but so little time to do it all, right?

Relax. I’m on your side.

I know you're a busy professional and a key decision maker. You need someone who not only helps you write marketing materials, but someone that gets it.

Someone that:
-Knows you need to check things off on your never ending to-list, not add to it (i.e. no hand holding here!)
-Knows how to convey what it is you actually do to your customers and loyal followers
-Knows how to focus on audience first (Check out my blog post that got over 6000 social media shares!)
-Knows the value of creative brainstorming and that a writer is not just a writer, but an essential team member
-Knows that good copy is integral in helping any business differentiate themselves in perspective, voice, and vision.

My name is Sarah Li Cain.

I’m a nimble and strategic copywriter who is a quick learner and will deliver on all projects. I help busy professionals by ghostwriting under their own bylines, and any other urgent marketing needs they need done. I understand how to write copy that incorporates features/benefits, USP, and your audience. Which in turn captivates them and turn them into loyal followers and buyers (because that's the point right?).

I help you and your company shine.

Contact me today to discuss your urgent needs, browse through my portfolio, or see why others love working with me.



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